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New substituted cephalosporin sulfones are disclosed having the structural formula: wherein M is, e.g., trifluoromethyl, chloro or fluoro or -COOH; R1 is, e.g., hydrogen, hydroxy, mercapto, substituted oxy, substituted thio, hydrocarbyl or substituted hydrocarbyl group; B is OB1, or NB2B3 wherein B1 ...

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Compositions useful in the control of fertility, the inhibition of malignant cell growth, and the control of other diseases which accumulate macrophages at the disease site, comprising a pharmaceutical carrier and lysosomotropic substance comprising a weakly basic amine of pK 4.5 to 9 containing at ...

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New substituted cephalosporin sulfones with structural formula: are found to be potent elastase inhibitors and thereby useful anti-inflammatory/antidegenerative agents.

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Compounds of formula: M-N=A in which M is a peptide substituent comprising z-gly-phe, gly-phe, z-arg-arg, or benzoyl-arg, and A or N=A is an active lysosome-inhibiting substance comprising a known therapeutic drug residue or an amino radical of the formula: in which R is an alkyl or substituted alky ...

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A method for the preparation of (.+-.) and (-) (cis-1,2-epoxypropyl)phosphonic acid and its salt, amide and ester derivatives via the reaction of a 2-oxy substituted n-propylphosphonate or diamide analog with a reagent capable of effecting ring closure. The (.+-.) and (-) (cis-1,2-epoxypropyl)phosph ...

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The present application is concerned with compounds useful as carriers of cytotoxic agents. More particularly it deals with derivatives of steroid compounds having a 5-androstene carbon skeleton and having an oleyl ester at the 3-position and having a 17-carbamyl alkyl substituent which linked to cy ...

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A process is provided which yields derivatives of cephalosporins and penicillins. The process starts with 7-aminodecephalosporanic acid or 6-APA and reacts with a carbonyl containing compound to form a Schiff's base (imino) adduct. This latter compound is then treated with a defined reagent yielding ...