Whetstone Albert L, Fine Samuel, Banks William, Phillips Stanley C: Graphical data device. Amperex Electronic Corporation, September 24, 1974: US3838212 (40 worldwide citation)

A graphical data device employing a stylus moving over an area to be digitized and utilizing a fast rise time sound energy shock wave, generated by a spark at the location of the stylus and propagated through the air for providing coordinate information as to the instantaneous position of the spark. ...

Whetstone Albert, Fine Samuel, Banks William, Phillips Stanely: Spark pen. Science Accessories Corporation, December 7, 1971: US3626483 (16 worldwide citation)

A writing stylus for use as a graphical-input terminal for digital computers. The stylus will produce a fast rise time shock energy sound wave generated by a spark detectable by coordinately placed microphones, at the instant the spark is produced can be determined and recorded in digital form.

Whetstone Albert L, Fine Samuel: Magnetic graphical data device. Science Accessories Corporation, March 7, 1972: US3648277 (8 worldwide citation)

A coordinate digitizing device is provided with a localized source of magnetic energy positioned with respect to a wire array, each of said wires terminated in a common delay line. The magnetic energy is pulsed at a desired point, initiating a digitization time interval required for a pulse appearin ...

Whetstone Albert, Fine Samuel, Phillips Stanley: Apparatus for making spark chamber wire arrays. Science Accessories Corporation, February 6, 1973: US3714689

An apparatus for producing curved or flat wire arrays for use in wire spark chamber devices having a wire spool holding means and wire feeding device; tensioning means; wire winding and spacing device; and a device for stretching and shaping the array. The wire is fed over tensioning pulleys about a ...

Whetstone Albert, Fine Samuel: Humidification apparatus. Science Accessories Corporation, August 3, 1971: US3596832

A humidifier for use in a recirculating hot water and/or steam heating system. A bypass valve is provided for the controlled delivery of the system fluid to an absorbent material placed over the radiator or fin member of the heating system.