Fillion Alain: Kite for performing aerobatics or towing a person on the ground. Fillion Alain, September 10, 1999: FR2775656-A3 (6 worldwide citation)

The kite has a flattened ellipsoid structure with ribs forming chambers that are open at the front and fitted with non-return flaps at the back. It has a system of shrouds attached at one end to the ribs and at the other, to a pair of control lines. The leading edge of the kite is of double thicknes ...

Fillion Alain: Towing kite for use in water and winter sports. Fillion Alain, September 10, 1999: FR2775655-A3 (4 worldwide citation)

The towing kite, given the name Spinwing, is made from 10 - 12 panels of parapenting fabric, stitched together to give the required aerodynamic curvature. The panels are separated by sleeves of containing reinforcing ribs, and the leading edge of the kite has a double thickness of material, forming ...

Fillion Alain: Windsurfing board, comprises a wide low volume board and suspended sail and seat unit. Fillion Alain, August 4, 2000: FR2789046-A1

The very flat surfboard (1) on which the surfer can sit has a fixed mast (2) held by a light metal tripod (3) without shrouds. The sail is supported by the short mast and has an ultra light carbon leading edge spar (5) suspended from the mast top and fixed by a pivot system allowing the sail to pivo ...

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