Ferrier Robert Bedford, Booth Iii Earl Hardin, Carpenter Brian Ashley, Vetter William Walter, Resnick Russell Alan: Mobile client computer interacting with docking service. International Business Machines Corporation, May 21, 2003: TW534384

A computer, and particularly a mobile client computer system, in which flexibility in use of the system is enhanced by a capability of receiving and dynamically recognizing a variety of what are here called docking options. Docking options are peripheral devices, such as radio transceivers, which ca ...

Rivero Jose Louis, Padgett Russell Stephen, Wulf James Christian, Ferrier Robert Bedford: Device for combining cellular telephone call signal and pstn call signal. Internatl Business Mach Corp &Lt IBM&Gt, March 8, 1996: JP1996-065412

PURPOSE: To provide a common call signal from both a cellular telephone network and a directly connected PSTN network to a modem for a personal communication device. CONSTITUTION: This call detecting device sends a signal to a modem 35 in the personal communication device. A detector for detecting a ...