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A speed indicating ball includes a timer, which is activated upon throwing of the ball, and deactivated upon catching of the ball, for measuring the ball's time of flight. The timer is connected to a display which provides a direct read out which is inversely proportional to the time of flight of th ...

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An edible shell/thermoplastic container system consists of a first substantially hemispherical edible shell and a second substantially hemispherical edible shell. The thermoplastic container preferably consists of a first substantially non-hemispherical shell and a second substantially non-hemispher ...

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A toy projectile launching device having a main tubular member in fluid communication with an air pump, an air storage tank and a projectile launching housing rotatably coupled to the main tubular member. A valve member manually operable within the main tubular member, and with the valve member in a ...

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A toy casting machine including a base which has mounted thereon a crucible into which plastic materials may be placed for melting. The crucible is rotatably mounted to a sidewall and may be duped by an actuating mechanism which also moves a predesigned mold into position below the crucible. The cru ...

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A toy vehicle (10) is provided having a configuration to simulate any desired vehicle. The toy vehicle includes a base (12) with a unitary spring-powered motor assembly (16) having a rear drive wheel assembly (18, 20), pivotably mounted within the base. The axle of the rear drive wheel assembly incl ...

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A toy launcher is provided for launching airplanes, missiles or the like, the launcher being provided with a base having a drum member pivotally mounted within the base, the periphery of the drum having a bearing for receiving the axis of a joy stick handle which is pivotally mounted with respect to ...

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The invention provides a method for making a hollow doll's head by injection molding a thermoplastic elastomer around a removable mold core. The major dimension of the mold core is larger than the opening in the doll's head through which the core is to be removed after the injection moldin ...

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The upwardly-extending reproducing stylus (100) is shielded within opening (24) in phonograph (16) when recorded-message carrier (12) is not in playing position by a cover member (246). A cam (256) unshields stylus (100) and exposes it in an arcuate slot (244) when a pin (274) on recorded-message ca ...

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An animated wind up toy, that is safe, durable, lightweight, compact and includes a wind up motor that drives a cam actuated mechanism that causes the toy to move. The wind up toy has an outward contour and coloring that resembles a food item, such as a milk shake, fries or hamburger.

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This patent disclosure teaches a moving, vehicle toy having a hand operable selector knob that determines the direction of single guide wheel that is steered by the action of a pivotally mounted steering arm that is rotated by means of a lever arm that engages with any one of several cam surfaces of ...