Jack Hao
Jianxiu Hao, Guillermo Ortiz, Diego S Rozensztejn, Fenglin Yin: Method, computer program product, and apparatus for providing communications with at least one media provider. Verizon Patent and Licensing, March 10, 2015: US08978066

Methods, computer program products, and apparatuses are provided for allowing a user to communicate with a set top box and a media content server through a mobile communication device, such as a cellular phone. The user may be able to request and receive a customer specific interactive programming g ...

Zhiying Jin, Fenglin Yin, Sharon Marie Walker, Jennifer Logan Stelling, David A Philbin, Demetrios Karis, Hannah Y Moon, John S Huitema, William Christopher Smith: Hierarchial category index navigational system. Verizon Laboratories, January 1, 2013: US08346751 (8 worldwide citation)

A map-based search application for map-based category navigation includes geographic data, category data, and categorized data comprising at least one item, wherein each item is associated with each of the geographic data and the category data. Accordingly, a user is enabled to search for categorize ...

Jack Jianxiu Hao, Fang Zhu, Fenglin Yin, Diego S Rozensztejn, Ashraf Shehata: Streaming video authentication. VERIZON PATENT AND LICENSING, August 4, 2015: US09098678 (1 worldwide citation)

One or more devices transmit, to a user device, an application for secure mobile streaming, and receive, from the user device, a registration request for the application. The registration request includes a user ID and a unique device identifier (UDID) for the user device. The one or more devices in ...

Fenglin Yin, Jack Jianxiu Hao: Enforcing content blackout. Verizon Patent and Licensing, December 31, 2013: US08621651 (1 worldwide citation)

A system includes a network interface, a memory, and a processor. The network interface is configured to communicate, over a network, with a user device associated with a user. The memory is configured to store instructions to be executed by the processor. The processor is configured to execute the ...

Fenglin Yin, Jack Jianxiu Hao: Systems and methods for authorizing third-party authentication to a service. Verizon Patent and Licensing, November 25, 2014: US08898751 (1 worldwide citation)

Systems and method for authorizing third-party authentication to a service are disclosed herein. As exemplary method includes an online service provider subsystem, which is configured to provide a service, 1) receiving a request from a user to use a third-party authentication service to authenticate ...

Jack Jianxiu Hao, Fenglin Yin, Wei Xia, Ishan Awasthi: Automatic mobile image diary backup and display. Verizon Patent and Licensing, June 25, 2013: US08473991 (1 worldwide citation)

A method performed by a user device connected to a content server, via a public network, that includes sending, to a digital video recorder (DVR) server and via the public network, a request to display images on a display device associated with a local server; receiving, from the DVR server and via ...

Fenglin Yin, Diego Sebastian Rozensztejn, Abhishek Gupta, Okeno Palmer, Guillermo Ortiz, Jack Jianxiu Hao: Methods, systems and computer program products for remote DVR interface provisioning. Verizon Patent and Licensing, May 14, 2013: US08442498 (1 worldwide citation)

This disclosure details the implementation of methods, systems and computer program products for remote digital video recorder (DVR) interface provisioning (hereinafter, “DIP”). DIP systems allow for authentication, validation, and registration of users and/or user devices as well as management of i ...

Ross S Chambers, Michael C Brown, Dale V Onisk, L Joe Stafford, Fenglin Yin: Anti-human CXCR4 antibodies and methods of making same. SDIX, Millen White Zelano & Branigan P C, Larry S Millstein, February 16, 2016: US09260527

The present invention provides novel antibodies to human CXCR4 with high affinity to the target and the ability to act potently as antagonists. The antibodies disclosed herein bind to a diverse range of epitopes.

Eric Oldfield, Yonghui Zhang, Fenglin Yin: Bisphosphonate compounds and methods with enhanced potency for multiple targets including FPPS, GGPPS, and DPPS. The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois, Greenlee Sullivan P C, September 6, 2011: US08012949

The disclosure provides, inter alia, novel bisphosphonate compounds and methods of making and using such compounds. In certain embodiments, compounds of the invention include bisphosphonates that are capable of selectively inhibiting one or more of farnesyl diphosphate synthase (FPPS), geranylgerany ...

Fenglin Yin, Jack Jianxiu Hao, Zhiying Jin, Wei Xia: Limiting concurrent viewing sessions on multiple user devices. VERIZON PATENT AND LICENSING, August 2, 2016: US09405887

System devices include network interfaces to communicate with user devices associated with a user, memories for storing instructions to be executed by processors, and the processors. The processors are configured to execute the instructions to receive, from a first user device, among the user device ...

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