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In a Dickson type charge pump in which a plurality of serially connected diodes sequentially respond to anti-phase 50/50 clock cross over or overlapped (φ1, φ2), efficiency of the charge pump is increased by providing with each diode a charge transfer transistor in parallel therewith between two adj ...

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Techniques for reliably and efficiently generating an output voltage for use within an electronic device, such as a memory system, are disclosed. A voltage generation circuit generates the output voltage. The voltage generation circuit includes regulation circuitry that controls regulation of the ou ...

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A multi-level non-volatile memory cell programming/lockout method and system are provided. The programming/lockout method and system advantageously prevent memory cells that charge faster than other memory cells from being over-programmed.

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According to different embodiments of the present invention, various methods, devices and systems are described for managing power in charge pumps in a non-volatile memory system having a high voltage charge pump and associated regulator. A method includes the following operations, receiving an oper ...

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A method and system for computing 2-D DCT/IDCT which is easy to implement with VLSI technology to achieve high throughput to meet the requirements of high definition video processing in real time is described. A direct 2-D matrix factorization approach is utilized to compute the 2-D DCT/IDCT. The 8× ...

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A method for rate control for encoding video sequence, wherein the video sequence includes a plurality of Group Of Pictures, wherein each Group of Picture includes at least and I-frame and an Inter-frame, where the rate control method includes the following steps for the encoding of the Inter-frame ...