Liang Mingzheng, Zhang Yunxiang, Feng Licheng: Optimized wet process for production of sulphuric acid. Sichuan Union Univ, lv jianbeng, April 8, 1998: CN96117727

An optimized wet process for preparing phosphoric acid features that a settling step is additionally used between acidolysis step and liquid-solid seqaration step. The material from acidolysis tank is first settled and most materials extracted from different settled layer come into liquid-solid sepa ...


Feng Licheng: Extremity chap chrisma. Feng Licheng, August 27, 2008: CN200810014349

The invention discloses an ointment for improving chapped hands and feet, which is made from pearl powder 4 parts, Pheretima powder 20 parts, borax 6 parts, 5% salicylic acid 3 parts and vaseline 67 parts. The ointment has heat and toxicity removing, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, wound healing a ...

Feng Licheng: Liquid medicine for treating kakidrosis of feet. Feng Licheng, September 24, 2008: CN200810014350

The invention discloses a liquid medicine for treating foot osmidrosis, which is prepared by placing one portion of radix stemonae, two portions of realgar, two portions of broom cypress fruit, and one portion of khosam into forty portions of edible vinegar. After three days of soaking, two layers o ...