Feldman Richard B: Sous-ensemble de detection deau pour systeme de detection deau de centre de traitement informatique et methode de fabrication de ce sous-ensemble, Water detection subassembly and method of forming same, for use in association with water detection systems in computer processing centers. Chevron Research And Technology Company, Feldman Richard B, SIM & MCBURNEY, July 10, 1990: CA1271540 (1 worldwide citation)

ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE WATER DETECTION SUBASSEMBLY AND METHOD OFFORMING SAME, FOR USE IN ASSOCIATION WITH WATERDETECTION SYSTEMS IN COMPUTER PORCESSING CENTERS The present invention relates to a water detectionsubassembly and method for forming same, for use in associationwith water detection sy ...

FELDMAN RICHARD: Targeted coagulation factors and method of using the same. BAYER HEALTHCARE, Pellegrino Susan M, November 19, 2009: WO/2009/140598 (1 worldwide citation)

Targeted coagulation factors comprising a coagulation factor linked with at least one domain that specifically binds to a membrane protein on a blood cell is provided. The disclosed targeted coagulation factors increase the efficiency of coagulation factors and prolong their duration of action and t ...

Sacher Frank, Fritsch Martin, Feldman Richard I, Moeller Carsten: Hip kinase for fertility control. Bayer Schering Pharma, February 20, 2008: EP1889626-A1

The present invention relates to the use of a pharmaceutical composition which comprises as active component at least one HipK4 nucleic acid, a HipK4 polypeptide, modulators of HipK4, antibodies directed against HipK4, a HipK4 antisense, and a HipK4 RNAi, for the diagnosis and treatment of fertility ...




Arnaiz Damian, Bryant Judi, Chou Yuo Ling, Feldman Richard I, Hrvatin Paul, Islam Imadul, Kochanny Monica, Lee Wheeseong, Polokoff Mark, Yu Hongyi, Yuan Shendong: Indolinone derivatives and their use in treating disease-states such as cancer. Schering, July 19, 2006: EP1680401-A2

Indolinone derivatives, such as compounds of the formula (I); wherein A, m, n, R, R , R , R and R are described herein, are disclosed herein as being useful in treating mammal having disease-states alleviated by the inhibition of PDK-1 activity.

Feldman Richard J: The symmetry relationships between pairs of connectrons. Feldman Richard J, ZEGEER Jim, November 4, 2004: WO/2004/095216

The gene expression control properties of many different pairs of connectrons are described in terms of the similarity or disparity of the connectron sources and the symmetry or asymmetry of the resulting pairs of connectrons.

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Receptors for bombesin-like peptides are solubilized and purified in active form. The amino acid sequence and DNA encoding various subtypes of the receptors are disclosed. Uses of the purified receptor gene and polypeptide are disclosed, including means for screening for agonists and antagonists of ...