Rau Blase C, Buday John M, Feddersen Donald W, Markowski Everett L: Container. Air Cargo Equipment Corporation, August 10, 1971: US3598273 (30 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed a container adapted to be carried in an airplane and used to transport either cargo or baggage, the container comprising a plurality of panels, a plurality of frame members removably interconnecting the panels, each of the panels including a pair of spaced-apart sheet metal walls ...

Feddersen Donald W, Markowski Everett L: Cargo container. Air Cargo Equipment Corporation, June 27, 1972: US3672529 (25 worldwide citation)

A container for transporting goods by airplane comprises a top wall, a bottom wall, and a pair of opposed side walls all bounded by rigid framework and cooperating to define a pair of openings which are respectively closed by stowable door structures, each of the door structures including a pair of ...

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