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Polymers are made by polymerisation of an ionic monomer such as methacrylic acid or dialkylaminoalkyl (meth)acrylate or -acrylamtide and/or a substantially non-ionic monomer, optionally a cross linking agent, and an allyl ether of the formula CH2=CR min CH2OAmBnApR where R min is hydrogen or methyl, ...

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The present disclosure relates to an internal fixation device including an interface portion, a polymer material coupled to the interface portion, wherein the polymer material includes at least one feature on a surface of the polymer material, and means for allowing adequate expansion of the polymer ...


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The molecular weight and/or flocculation or coagulation efficiency of polymers of diallyl monomers such as DADMAC can be increased by copolymerising the monomers with an amide monomer such as MAPTAC.

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When flocculating an aqueous suspension of suspended solids using a high molecular weight synthetic polymeric flocculant the shear stability of the flocs is increased if the polymeric material includes polymeric particles of below 10 mu m dry size. The flocculated solids can therefore be subjected t ...

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This invention relates to aqueous acidic solutions which are thickened by cationic polymer, the polymer being added to the solution in the form of particles below 10 mu m in size. The useful cationic polymers are formed from a water soluble cationic ethylenically unsaturated monomer or blend of mono ...

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A homogeneous blend is formed of different water soluble polymer types, for instance of particular addition and condensation polymers, by forming one of the polymers from its monomeric starting material by polymerisation in a solution of the other polymer. The resultant solution has a concentration ...

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Pigment dispersions contain, as dispersing agent novel water soluble polymers containing acid groups, preferably polyacrylic acid or copolymers of polyacrylic acid with AMPS, having polydispersity below 1.5 and molecular weight in the range about 1,000 to about 5,000.

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Water absorbent particulate polymers and their uses are described. Friable aggregates may be made by bonding substantially dry polymer particles with an aqueous liquid and drying the aggregates. These aggregates can be broken down to the individual polymer particles upon mixing with an aqueous mediu ...