Fischer Klaus, Bergler Wolfgang, Farin Guenter: Radiofrequency surgical tool. Erbe Elektromedizin, May 10, 2000: EP0998879-A1 (5 worldwide citation)

The instrument has a spatula- or spoon-shaped distal end. The inner (21) and outer (22) surfaces of the instrument are of an insulating material enclosing a metal layer (31). The exposed end (23) of this layer forms a first electrode (24) connected by a wire to a socket at the end of the handle for ...

Farin Guenter: Smoke evacuation apparatus. Erbe Elektromedizin, July 5, 2000: EP1016383-A1 (3 worldwide citation)

The method is carried out in a number of steps. A control signal is produced by the control unit, if the following operating conditions exist: a) At the applicator lies a voltage sufficient for the ignition of an electric arc at and-or b) between the applicator and the tissue an electric arc results ...

Farin Guenter, Mausberg Rainer, Visser Heiko, Fastenmeier Karl, Lohr Georg: H.f. electrosurgical unit.. Erbe Elektromedizin, July 22, 1992: EP0495140-A1 (3 worldwide citation)

A radio-frequency electrosurgical unit is described for cutting and/or coagulating biological tissue, which unit has at least one operating mode and an adjusting device for adjusting at least one radio-frequency output parameter. In this case, a current-limiting device (22,23,17,18) is provided on w ...

Farin Guenter: Passive electrode for high frequency surgery.. Erbe Elektromedizin, January 2, 1992: EP0463196-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

A passive electrode for high frequency surgery is described, which comprises a metal foil with a contact surface 1 arranged on a plastic plate and, designed integral therewith, a contact tab for coupling of a two-pole cable 3 for a monitoring circuit. The contact tab 20 has two connectors 11, 12 whi ...

Farin Guenter, Haag Reiner, Puetz Peter: High-frequency surgical apparatus for thermally coagulating biological tissues.. Erbe Elektromedizin, June 5, 1991: EP0430929-A2 (1 worldwide citation)

A high-frequency surgical apparatus for thermally coagulating biological tissues is described, in which a current monitor (25) is provided to monitor amplitude fluctuations of the HF current during each coagulation process, which current monitor generates, by means of a current/voltage transformer, ...

Farin Guenter, Fischer Klaus, Schnitzler Uwe: Biological tissue coagulator making use of ionizable gas. Erbe Elektromedizin, April 2, 1997: EP0765638-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

Gas inlets (10) introduce an ionisable inert gas to a gas outlet. Electrodes convey a coagulation flow from a high frequency source (16) into the gas. Flow devices (12-14) in the form of flow meters and regulators are arranged so that the ionisable gas completely fills a space between the electrodes ...

Grund Karl Ernst, Farin Guenter: Instrument and method for the endoscopically controlled shortening and/or fragmentation of stents located in hollow organs. Farin Guenter, liuxiao dong zhaozhong zhang, November 12, 2008: CN200680041678

Disclosed are an instrument and a method for the endoscopically controlled shortening and/or fragmentation of stents that are located in the gastrointestinal tract, bronchotracheal system, or other hollow organs and are made of electrically conducting material. The inventive instrument comprises an ...



Farin Guenter, Schaeller Daniel, Voigtlaender Mathias: Electrosurgical instrument. Erbe Elektromedizin, March 17, 2004: EP1397082-A1

The invention relates to an electrosurgical instrument for coagulating biological tissue, by means of an inert gas, which is supplied from a gas source, through a tubular probe, to at least one outflow opening in a distal end-region of said probe. The instrument comprises, in the distal end-region o ...

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