Fairchild Harold W: Battery charger. Outboard Marine Corporation, Michael Best & Friedrich, December 17, 1974: US3855516 (22 worldwide citation)

Disclosed herein is a battery charging circuit including rectifying means for converting a source of alternating current to direct current, means connected to the rectifying means for applying the direct current to the battery at a level providing a high charge rate, means connected to the rectifyin ...

Fairchild Harold W: Systeme controle electroniquement dallumage dun moteur par decharge de condensateur et darret du moteur par verrouillage, Electronically controlled c.d. ignition and interlocking shut-off system. Outboard Marine Corporation, SMART & BIGGAR, July 6, 1982: CA1127231

ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE Disclosed herein is a lawn mower comprising agrass bag and chute, and a grass discharge cover, andan internal combustion engine having operation regulatedby an electronically controlled C.D. ignition andinterlocking shut-off system. The system includes acharge capacitor, a ...