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A trocar seal is provided which has a plurality of gasketing mechanisms (55) placed across its seal housing inner diameter. These gasketing mechanisms (55) are positioned in angular relationship to one another so that they cover the entire seal housing opening; however, the gasketing mechanisms (55) ...



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A collapsible, storable information display screen (10) for use with an electronic information processing device (30) is disclosed which alleviates many of the problems associated with the smaller display screens. The display screen (10), when in use, is assembled in an electrically interconnected, ...

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A safety trocar is provided which includes a spring-loaded shield (32) that shields the cutting tip (28) of the obturator (24) after the obturator penetrates tissue. The distal end (34) of the shield is hemispheric in profile and contains a slot which conforms to the geometry of the cutting tip. The ...


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A method and apparatus for lifting an abdominal wall during laparoscopic diagnostic and surgical procedures. The surgical lift device includes a gripping portion for contacting and holding an external skin surface adjacent the abdominal wall. The gripping portion is selectively detachable from the s ...

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HEMOSTATIC CLIP WITH PENETRATION MEANS Abstract An improved hemostatic clip. The clip has a pair of legmembers which pivot about a hinge from an open to aclosed position. The clip includes latch means to holdthe clip closed. The latch means includes penetratingmeans to assist in placing the clip abo ...

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NON-METALLIC, BIO-COMPATIBLE HEMOSTATIC CLIP (TWO IDENTICAL PIECE CLIP) Abstract A two-piece, hemostatic clip wherein the pieces aresubstantially identical. Each piece has a first memberwith a vessel clamping surface and a second pieceperpendicularly disposed from the said first member. Thepieces in ...