Exler Ralf, Linke Christian, Huber Manfred: Converter with four outputs. Kathrein Werke Kg, November 8, 2000: EP1050920-A2 (5 worldwide citation)

The quatro converter used as a satellite signal receiver, has four receiver outputs (27a-27d) that each relate to a frequenc band and can be used by two to four users. The converter (1) has an integrated matrix circuit (1'') . The user outputs can be switched independently to receive any of the sign ...

Exler Ralf, Linke Christian, Haslboeck Albert, Stadler Gerhard: Satellite reception equipment with switchbox. Kathrein Werke Kg, February 14, 2001: EP1076457-A2 (3 worldwide citation)

The component has a switched converter (1), e.g. a quatro-converter, with at least 4 outputs (27a-27d) coupled to the inputs of a switching matrix, providing satellite subscribers with at least 4 different satellite reception planes and to an additional device providing supply and control voltages f ...

Exler Ralf, Gruber Heinrich, Flinner Udo: Expansion set in the form of a separated antenna base for a receiving apparatus, in particular a digital video broadcasting-terrestrial receiver (dvb-t). Kathrein Werke Kg, February 14, 2001: EP1076376-A2 (2 worldwide citation)

The extension set has a separate antenna stand (5) and an antenna lead cable, for allowing the antenna (3) of the DVB-T receiver to be unplugged from the antenna socket in the receiver housing and fitted into an antenna socket provided by the antenna stand, with the free end of the antenna lead cabl ...

Exler Ralf, Linke Christian, Flinner Udo: Twin converter. Kathrein Werke Kg, June 26, 2002: EP1217836-A2 (1 worldwide citation)

The design of the twin converter assembly (4) permits reception of programs radiated by another satellite station, when it forms part of a multifeed system, while the assembly contains an extra input (C) in addition to its two outputs (A,B). The extra input is of the loop-through type so activated b ...

Exler Ralf: Remote controlled electrical or electronic device. Kathrein Werke Kg, January 2, 2004: EP1377048-A1

A remote control system has a remote control (3) with soft keys (6a, 6b) which send identical signals but whose function is interpreted by the receiver (19) depending on the selected mode and may match a soft key display on the controlled unit.

Ephan Norbert Dr, Exler Ralf, Blaier Werner: Exciter or feeder for a satellite antenna. Kathrein Werke Kg, October 11, 2000: EP1043797-A1

The device has a waveguide (5,5') with at least one phase shifter (11) close by and at least one decoupling or compensating element (19,19') in the guide to improve and/or match the decoupling and/or to reduce the reflected energy of the incident electromagnetic waves. At least one additional decoup ...

Linke Christian, Auer Michael, Exler Ralf, Brandstaedter Rudolf: Amplifier, especially inter-frequency amplifier for satellites. Kathrein Werke Kg, March 20, 2002: EP1189342-A2

The amplifier comprises several operational modes, in one of which a certain amplifying factor is preset, while in a second operational mode the amplifying factor is adjustable by a controllable resistor as the adjuster. A changeover switch is used to change from one mode to the other one. The chang ...

Exler Ralf: Twin converter. Kathrein Werke Kg, February 14, 2001: EP1076458-A2

The twin converter enables two subscribers (11a, 11b) to receive at least four reception ranges independently at both outputs (7a, 7b), i.e. vertical and horizontally polarized signals in upper and lower frequency band ranges. The entire broadband frequency spectrum appears at the respective polariz ...

Ilsanker Anton, Heisenberg Michael, Exler Ralf, Mummert Wolfgang, Linke Christian: Method and device for producing at least one transponder frequency in the satellite intermediate frequency plane. Kathrein Werke, February 2, 2005: EP1502371-A1

The invention relates to an improved method and an improved device for producing at least one transponder (33) in the satellite intermediate frequency plane and for combining said transponder with the satellite intermediate frequency band. The improved method and device are characterised in that the ...