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A sulfonamidophenol reducing agent in photothermographic elements, compositions and processes provides improved processing temperature latitude. Certain of the sulfonamidophenol reducing photothermographic can be employed in photobermographic materials in the absence of activator toning agents. The ...

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Light-sensitive photographic silver halide emulsions and elements are provided which feature converted-halide silver halide grains in which the halide consists of at least 50 mole percent bromide and up to 10 mole percent iodide, any remaining halide being chloride; the surface of said grains being ...

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Abstract of the DisclosureA photographic silver halide emulsion capable offorming on exposure an internal latent image can be formedhaving a desired characteristic curve by providing a firstphotographic silver halide emulsion comprised of silver halidegrains internally sensitized with a combination ...


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Abstract of the DisclosureHigh aspect ratio tabular grain directreversal silver halide emulsions are disclosed. Theemulsions can be incorporated in photographic ele-ments, such as multicolor photographic elements.Image transfer film units incorporating these directreversal emulsions are specifically ...

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ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE High aspect ratio chemically and spectrallysensitized tabular grain silver halide emulsions,photographic elements incorporating these emulsions,and processes for the use of the photographicelements are disclosed. In the tabular grainemulsions the silver halide grains havin ...