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A superconductive magnet for magnetic resonance imaging not requiring consumable cryogens or requiring cryogen liquid or vapor cooling of superconducting coils is provided having a resin impregnated coil of superconductor wire. Heat conductive means having a thermal conductivity greater than the res ...

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In an open MRI magnet, the magnet is capable of being rotated such that a patient can be imaged while either lying down or standing up. The open MRI magnet is rotated about a pivot located upon a pedestal.

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An open magnet having two magnet assemblies arranged in a spaced-apart, parallel relationship to define a working space therebetween is provided for magnetic resonance imaging. Each assembly has an annular superconductive coil and a ferromagnetic field enhancer encircled by the superconductive coil. ...

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An open magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) magnet having first and second spaced-apart superconductive coil assemblies each including a toroidal-shaped coil housing containing a superconductive main coil and a superconductive bucking coil. The bucking coil is spaced radially inward and radially apart ...

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Penetration tubes extending between inner and outer walls of a cryostat necessarily comprise thin walled structures to minimize thermal conduction. However, in cryostat structures in which the inner vessel is capable of undergoing the relative motion with respect to the outer vessel, particularly du ...

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A magnet cartridge and thermal shield are supported by three concentric nested thin wall tubes from a vacuum vessel. The innermost tube of thermal insulating material is affixed to magnet cartridge at one end and supports the first stage heat station at the other. The intermediate tube of heat condu ...

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A method and structure for restricting relative sliding motion at the interfaces between a superconducting winding and a supporting structure for the winding. An interface lining material having a low shear modulus of elasticity so as to accommodate large shear displacements with low shear stresses ...

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In order to improve image resolution and magnetic field uniformity in a magnetic resonance imaging device, the vibrations and loads produced by the cryocooler are isolated from the superconducting magnet and cryostat. The vibrations and loads are isolated through the use of flexible, laminated coppe ...

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An open magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) magnet having two generally toroidal-shaped superconductive coil assemblies spaced apart by generally spaced-apart and generally parallel inter-coil-assembly posts. Each coil assembly has associated with it a generally annular-shaped superconductive shielding ...

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A two stage cryocooler sleeve is provided having a second stage heat exchanger system capable of achieving lower temperatures than the first stage heat exchanger. A current lead comprising a ceramic superconductor having a critical temperature greater than the operating temperature of the first stag ...