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In a distributed system, a method and system for negotiating a multi-category Quality-of-Service (QoS) agreement between a client and a server includes a client agent enabled to calculate an expected utility to a client of multiple multi-category QoS specifications. The client agent obtains the QoS ...

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A method for estimating similarity between two collections of information is described herein. The method includes comparing a first Bloom filter representing a first collection of information and a second Bloom filter representing a second collection of information, and determining a measure of sim ...

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A system and method for customer-side market segmentation and categorization. This segmentation is done without disclosing sensitive private customer information to the business. A customer downloads a categorization module to a portable device (PDA, wireless cellular phone, etc.) or personal comput ...

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A method and apparatus for automatically gathering data on paths taken by a number of commuters and then analyzed to provide recommendations for improving the commute experience. Data may be gathered by recording time and position data from a global positioning system (GPS) receiver the commuter car ...

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A categorizer is trained for plural categories according to a machine-learning algorithm. The categorizer classifies cases in a set of cases into the plural categories. One or more quantification measures regarding cases in the data set are computed based on output from the categorizer, and informat ...

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To prevent dangling pointers, an object is annotated with a reference counted Object Surrogate which will outlive the object and which knows whether the referenced object is valid or not. Rather than directly referring to the underlying object, long lived external pointers (those which exist outside ...

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Chunks are stored in a data store, where respective collections of chunks form respective files. An index that maps digests of chunks to pages containing information to recreate the chunks is provided, where the index is stored in persistent storage.

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In one aspect, the invention encompasses a method of storing and retrieving a communication. A communication is stored in a database, and comprises a plurality of sub-components. The communication is stored utilizing software configured to save a plurality of machine-readable identifier codes associ ...

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A system and method for automatically monitoring communications networks and for determining network configuration use data stream characterizations. The system comprises a plurality of measurement probes that passively probe the network and collect data packets carried by data streams in the networ ...

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Information representing a hierarchy of categories is stored. An indication is received that a first case is either a positive case or a negative case for a first category in the hierarchy of categories. The first case is identified, by inference, as a positive case or negative case for a second cat ...