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Therapy patches are disclosed which are designed to deliver vibration and heat (or cold) to human skin so as to provide muscle relief. These patches have a chemical pouch that generates heat or cold upon initiation. They also have a motor and battery to provide a vibration source. Forms of the inven ...

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A sprayer is disclosed that may be attached to a garden hose for cleaning exterior surfaces such as windows. By turning a flow selector in a single direction tap water from the hose first flows through the sprayer to rinse the surface to be cleaned. The flow selector can then be set to spray a mixtu ...

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Portable wipe dispensers are provided. In one form the wipe dispenser can be used to spray a cleaning liquid onto a wipe being dispensed from the device. Alternatively the outlet may be directed against a surface external to the dispenser.

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A fluid application system includes a diluent reservoir, a chemical container, a sprayer housing, a manifold located in the sprayer housing, and a pump assembly in fluid communication with an outlet of the manifold. The manifold includes a diluent inlet in fluid communication with the diluent reserv ...

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Wearable devices for dispensing insect repellents, fragrances, and/or other chemicals along the outside of the clothing of a human are disclosed. They are of the type that are clipped onto a belt or the like, and use a powered fan to dispense active. They are configured with a first timer to account ...

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A system for mixing and dispensing solution, such as a cleaning solution, includes a body with a first flow passage extending between a diluent inlet and an outlet, and a second flow passage extending between a concentrate inlet and the first flow passage. The system further includes a container for ...