Eugene Rawlings, Frederick J Olsson: Roofers staging. October 24, 1978: US04121690 (11 worldwide citation)

Roofer's staging having a pair of light weight, metal platforms telescoped together and longitudinally slidable between closed and open positions. In the closed position, the platforms form a short pack (about 4 feet in length) for a roofer to carry up the ladder and deposit on the roof. On the roof ...

Eugene Rawlings, Stephen Guerrera: Multi-function level. Eugene Rawlings, Frederick J Olsson, March 20, 1979: US04144650 (10 worldwide citation)

A pair of arms pivotally connected for relative rotation and a brake actuated by a rotatable lever positionable from either side of the level to restrain the arms against relative rotation or to allow the arms to freely rotate.

Eugene Rawlings: Roofers staging. Frederick J Olsson, May 3, 1977: US04020921 (6 worldwide citation)

Light weight metal staging including a pair of roofer's platforms each about 4 feet in length with integral support means. On the ground, the platforms are telescoped together to make a short length, unitary pack for purposes of carrying up a ladder and depositing on a roof. On the roof, the platfor ...

Eugene Rawlings, John D Coleman: Caddy for level vial. Frederick J Olsson, August 23, 1988: US04765061 (5 worldwide citation)

For a level having a platform with an opening, a caddy supporting a level vial so that the vial can be replaced. The caddy includes a keeper body and a latch body which mutually support the vial and which are positioned respectively on opposite sides of the opening. Latch and keeper means hold the b ...

Eugene Rawlings, John D Coleman: Carrier for displaying a level. Eugene Rawlings, Frederick J Olsson, July 5, 1988: US04754873 (4 worldwide citation)

For a level having a pair of arms nested together but which are pivotally connected so as to be angularly separable from the nested condition and also moveable together from the separated condition to the nested condition, a hollow carrier for carrying the level constructed of flat panels one panel ...