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Apparatus for compressing and buffering large amounts of data, transferring the buffered data to a slower speed storage device and controlling the stopping and starting of the central processing unit (CPU) is provided for a virtual storage computer system where the data is collected in real time; th ...

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A field of scanned video pels is first broken up into cells representing small portions of characters to be recognized, according to a first set of logics. A second set of logics then recombines the cells into blocks containing individual characters separated from their neighbors.

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An optical scanner converts input images into video snapshots which are recognized at fixed intervals, independently of the presence of patterns. Sense generators identify the presence of pattern left and right sides in the snapshots, independently of the recognition unit. A direction detector deter ...

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Tagged pointer handling apparatus is provided for implementation in a computer system wherein a tag bit is provided for each word in main storage. This invention provides for the mixing of data and pointers within the same storage space, and provides a capability for checking and verifying the valid ...