Lee Minus Parson
Lee Minus Parson, Eugene R DU Fresne: Magnesium containing protective coating for ferrous metal. Ameron, Christie Parker & Hale, April 11, 1978: US04083726 (3 worldwide citation)

A coating for protecting steel from corrosion is a mixture of an organic solvent and binder, powdered magnesium, and a passivating agent which has a pH greater than about 8 when in contact with water. Steel covered with the coating is cut or welded by the application of heat sufficient to melt the m ...

Eugene R du Fresne: System for removal of toxic heavy metals from drinking water. Ameron, Howard A Silber, June 20, 1978: US04096064 (24 worldwide citation)

Toxic heavy metal ions are removed from water by electrochemical replacement as the water flows through a tandem bed of (a) activated zinc and then (b) magnesium alloyed with a minor amount of manganese to inhibit corrosion. The zinc is activated by contact with a noble metal salt. Preferably, fine ...

Eugene R du Fresne: Vapor degreasing system. California Institute of Technology, Paul R Wylie, December 4, 1984: US04486239 (15 worldwide citation)

A vapor degreasing method and apparatus wherein a second cooling coil is used to prevent escape of solvent or solvent vapor from a degreaser. Gaseous refrigerant from the second coil can be released to the freeboard space above the solvent vapor zone to provide a barrier layer.

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