Guoxiao Guo Guoxiao Guo
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A disk drive is disclosed comprising a plurality of servo sectors that define a plurality of tracks, and a head comprising a read element radially offset from a write element. The read element is positioned over a first track, and the first track is read to generate first read wedge repeatable runou ...

Alexander Babinski, Zhenyu Zhang, Eugene Chun Tsing Wu, Alan M Fossen, Chuanwen Ji, Duc T Phan, Donald Brunnett: Electronic system with media scan mechanism and method of operation thereof. Western Digital Technologies, May 24, 2016: US09349401

An apparatus includes: a media; a head over the media; a read channel, coupled to the head, configured to extract data from the media; control circuitry, coupled to the read channel, configured to execute a read command; and wherein the read channel is further configured to: generate, based on extra ...

Tanaat Wut Chayarangkan, Julasak Kungsadankosit, Thitinun Jittramatr, Siam Samuhatananon, Chin Yang Choong, Wei Kiat Chen, Eugene Chun Tsing Wu: Disk drive compensating for repeatable run out selectively per zone. Western Digital Technologies, February 10, 2015: US08953271

A disk drive is disclosed comprising a head actuated over a disk comprising a plurality of servo tracks, wherein each servo track comprises a plurality of servo sectors. A plurality of zones are defined, wherein each zone comprises a plurality of the servo tracks. A metric is generated for each zone ...