Eric Pierre de Rouffignac, Ilya Emil Berchenko, Thomas David Fowler, Robert Charles Ryan, Gordon Thomas Shahin Jr, George Leo Stegemeier, Harold J Vinegar, Scott Lee Wellington, Etuan Zhang: In situ thermal processing of a relatively impermeable formation to increase permeability of the formation. Shell Oil Company, August 31, 2004: US06782947 (294 worldwide citation)

A method for treating a relatively low permeability formation containing heavy hydrocarbons in situ may include providing heat from one or more heat sources to a portion of the formation. The heat may be allowed to transfer from the heat sources to a selected section of the formation. The transferre ...



Harold J Vinegar, Peter Veenstra, Steven Paul Giles, Chester L Sandberg, Frederick Henry Kreisler Rambow, Christopher Kelvin Harris, Lanny Gene Schoeling, Mark Gregory Picha, Etuan Zhang, Gary Beer, Fredrick Gordon Carl Jr, Taixu Bai, Dong Sub Kim, Michael David Fairbanks, Guillermo Pastor Sanz: Thermal processes for subsurface formations. Shell Oil Company, October 17, 2006: US07121342 (281 worldwide citation)

A process may include providing heat from one or more heaters to at least a portion of a subsurface formation. Heat may transfer from one or more heaters to a part of a formation. In some embodiments, heat from the one or more heat sources may pyrolyze at least some hydrocarbons in a part of a subsu ...







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