Richard W Black, Erol M Kirayoglu, Harold E Leiter, Richard C Smith: Connector block with snap latch. Holmberg Electronics Corporation, Thomas Hooker, March 6, 1984: US04435031 (59 worldwide citation)

A snap latch for securing a connector block on a circuit board or like support includes a central portion and prongs extending to either side of central portion. The prongs on one side of the central portion extend through a bore in a circuit board mounting portion to secure the snap latch to the bl ...

Erol M Kirayoglu: Pin header with board retention tail. Specialty Electronics, April 5, 1988: US04735587 (31 worldwide citation)

A pin header with two rows of circuit board pins and with selected opposed pin pairs having formed cantilever retention arms for engaging the interior surfaces of circuit board holes to hold the pin header in place on a circuit board prior to and during wave soldering.

Erol M Kirayoglu: Miniature disconnect terminal. Specialty Electronics, Thomas Hooker, November 23, 1993: US05263883 (10 worldwide citation)

A miniature disconnect terminal stamp-formed from thin sheet metal stock includes a mounting plate, a bridge, terminal tails extending to either side of the plate and bridge and a pair of hook-shaped spring members extending to one side of the bridge. The spring members include series-oriented canti ...