Jason Richard Williams, Ernest Weatherley Macaulay, Michael Paul Aronson, Michael Massaro, Tom Salmon: Separating multi-phase personal wash composition in a transparent or translucent package. Unilever Home & Personal Care USA division of Conopco, Ronald A Koatz, August 6, 2002: US06429177 (38 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a single chamber transparent or translucent package and personal product composition where when standing, the product forms 2 or more visibly distinct phases and, when agitated, the composition forms a visible single phase.

Leslie Jo Morgan, Sudhakar Puvvada, Liang Sheng Tsaur, Michael Paul Aronson, Andrew Lam, Shiji Shen, Ernest Weatherley Macaulay: Liquid sunscreen compositions which both deposit and lather well. Unilever Home & Personal Care USA a division of Conopco, Ronald A Koatz, June 4, 2002: US06399045 (17 worldwide citation)

The present invention teaches liquid sunscreen compositions in which level of surfactant is higher than level at which the sunscreen component(s) are still soluble in the surfactant in which they are used; and which comprise minimal levels of cationic polymer. Combination of cationic polymer (especi ...


Ernest Weatherley Macaulay, Quynh Pham, Michael Massaro, Rajesh Patel: Liquid compositions which thicken on dilution comprising electrolyte and associative thickener. Unilever Home & Personal Care Division of Conopco, Unilever Intellectual Property Group, February 24, 2005: US20050043194-A1

The invention relates to single phase dilution thickening compositions both electrolyte and associative thickener. The two act synergistically to lower level of salt required for thickening to provide high viscosity retention and to provide a cohesitivity perceived by consumers as improved retention ...

Carter Peter, Hill John Christopher, Ernest Weatherley Macaulay, David Tom: Cosmetic emulsion. Unilever, August 24, 1992: JP1992-235114

PURPOSE: To obtain a cosmetic emulsion which forms an adherent layer on the surface of skin and the like to decrease loss of water from the surface, protects skin from the injury caused by sun light, wind or detergent and possesses the pleasant and smooth touch free from oily feeling. CONSTITUTION: ...