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Torque-equalizing means for a dual section toric or toroidal roller and race type transmission, including a balance lever pivotally mounted on the transmission housing, with oppositely disposed pivot members formed on the balance lever and pivotally connected to first and second reactive or groundin ...

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A dual input clutch transmission has four forward speed ratios. The first and second ratios are duplicated so that a third ratio to first ratio and a fourth ratio to second ratio downshift pattern can be utilized.

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A power transmission combines a continuously variable belt drive in series relation with a multi-ratio gear arrangement between the transmission input and output shafts. The gear arrangement can be selectively changed between low and high ratios. In each gear ratio, the belt drive ratio is controlle ...

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A pressure compensating mechanism for a dual control piston variable drive pulley has a central chamber disposed between the control pistons. The central chamber is filled with fluid from one of the control passages and is open to exhaust through a controlled restriction. The fluid in the central ch ...

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This bi-directional clutch combines the functions of two separate opposite acting clutching systems, each consisting of a one-way roller or sprag clutch and an in-series coupled multi-plate friction unit. The clutch is operative regardless of direction of torque to provide fully synchronized upshift ...

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A four-speed planetary transmission has three friction clutches which are selectively engageable in pairs or simultaneously to provide a drive connection between the transmission input and the planetary gearing during the four forward speeds. One apply piston selectively engages two of the friction ...

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A drive mechanism for an automotive transmission wherein a hydrodynamic drive unit and a friction drive unit are arranged for parallel independent drives. The friction drive unit is maintained in a slipping drive condition to control a predetermined slip in the hydrodynamic drive unit. The slip spee ...

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A continuously variable transmission with wide ratio coverage has a variable ratio belt drive in series with a fixed ratio drive which is selectively connectible between the input and output shafts. A pair of selectively engageable clutches cooperate with the belt drive to provide two continuously v ...

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A vehicle wash system is disclosed which consists of an arch through which a vehicle can be moved. A plurality of spinning nozzle assemblies are attached to the arch each having a number of nozzle outlets for directing the water to the vehicle surface to remove dirt, salt, etc. in which only water i ...

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A friction brake band actuating system for automatic transmissions operative for obtaining smooth self-synchronized freewheeler type shifts without the use of one-way roller or sprag clutches. The band functions normally like a conventional brake band providing engine braking while the vehicle is co ...