Roger DiPaolo
Nathan K Weiner, Patrick J Odoy, Erik Schultz, Mark Jones, James Overbeck, Herman Deweerd, David A Stura, Albert Bukys, Tim Woolaver, Thomas P Regan, David Bradbury, Eric Earl McKenzie, Roger DiPaolo, Christopher Miles, Joel Katz, Ksenia Oleink Ovod: System, method, and product for scanning of biological materials. Affymetrix, Thomas J Siepmann, March 30, 2010: US07689022 (23 worldwide citation)

An embodiment of a scanning system is described including optical elements that direct an excitation beam at a probe array, detectors that receive reflected intensity data responsive to the excitation beam, where the reflected intensity data is responsive to a focusing distance between an optical el ...

Per Erik Schultz, Mofazzal H Chowdhury, Clayton B Neff: Milker unit washer. Alfa Laval, Cyrus S Hapgood, May 14, 1985: US04516592 (14 worldwide citation)

For washing a milker unit, the teat cups are inserted in respective flexible receivers which seal around the enlarged end portions of the teat cups and communicate with a distributor having an inlet connected to a vacuum line for washing liquid. During washing, a high vacuum in the milk pipe line ra ...

Soeren E Westermann, Erik Schultz: Electric power distribution system for active cathodic protection of reinforced concrete constructions. Cyberdan, Sughrue Mion Zinn Macpeak & Seas, November 14, 1995: US05466353 (1 worldwide citation)

An electric power distribution system permitting active cathodic protection of reenforced concrete structures includes a converter device converting a mains supply voltage to low voltage electrical power, a computer in close proximity to the converter device, a cabling system leading electric power ...

Erik Schultz, Peter Koczar: Rubber-solid material bearing for arranging on a motor vehicle axle. BENTELER AUTOMOBILTECHNIK, Hauptman Ham, February 6, 2018: US09885387

The invention relates to a motor vehicle axle, in particular a torsion beam axle, the rubber-solid material bearing being constructed in a disk-like manner from at least two disks made from solid material with a rubber layer which is arranged in between, and is characterized according to the inventi ...

Erik Schultz: Wheel suspension with a virtual steering axle. BENTELER AUTOMOBILTECHNIK, Jacobson Holman PLLC, November 14, 2017: US09815495

The present invention concerns a wheel suspension 5 for a torsion beam axle 1, whereby a wheel mount 8 rotates about a virtual steering axle 18 as a result of a cornering force. According to the invention, it is further provided that a wheel mount bracket 6 with a yielding element 11 is coupled to t ...

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