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In a lithographic projection apparatus a first part is shielded from a second part by a heat shield. The first part is required to have a temperature of a predetermined value and the second part has a characteristic that may influence the temperature of the first part. The characteristic may be a te ...



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In a lithographic apparatus, a reference grating 11 mounted on the wafer table WT is illuminated with a measurement beam 20 incident in a direction independent of wafer table tilt. The diffraction orders are detected by detector 30 and used to determine the lateral shift in the wafer table resulting ...

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A position measuring device includes a radiation source mounted on an isolated reference frame and a two-dimensional radiation detector mounted adjacent the radiation source. The object whose position is to be detected has a mirroring device, e.g. a retro-reflector, mounted on it so as to reflect li ...

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An actuator comprises a magnet yoke and a carrier member movable relative to the magnet yoke. The magnet yoke has at least one permanent magnet and the carrier member is positioned in the magnetic field produced by this magnet. The carrier member has an auxiliary magnetic member that produces a rela ...

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A radiation sensor for use with a lithographic apparatus is disclosed, the radiation sensor comprising a radiation-sensitive material which converts incident radiation of wavelength λ1 into secondary radiation; and sensing means capable of detecting the secondary radiation emerging from said layer.

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In a lithographic apparatus using exposure radiation of a relatively short wavelength, e.g. 157 or 126 nm, a laminar flow of N2 is provided across parts of the beam path in or adjacent to moving components of the apparatus. The laminar flow is faster than the maximum speed of the moving components a ...

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In a lithographic projection apparatus the positions and/or orientations of reflective optical elements is dynamically controlled. The position of a reflective optical element such as a mirror in an illumination or projection system is first measured using an absolute position sensor mounted on a re ...

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A system and method are used to protect a mask from being contaminated by airborne particles. They include providing a reticle secured in a two-part cover. The two part cover includes a removable protection device used to protect the reticle from contaminants. The cover can be held inside a pod or b ...