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An application program interface includes a first class to provide information regarding a current HTTP request. The application program interface also includes a second class to manage HTTP output to a client and an object to provide access to server-side utilities and processes. Particular applica ...




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Application program caching and execution is disclosed. An application program component, which may constitute the only component of an application program, is cached by a computing device from an original computing device. The computing device executes the cached component in lieu of its execution ...


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A network-based distributed application system is provided in accordance with the present invention for enabling services to be established locally on a client system. The system may include an application and presentation logic, at least a portion of which is interchangeably processed by a server o ...

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A method for caching data may be practiced, for example, in a computing environment including a server system that provides data to client systems. The server system includes a number of caches for storing data. The method allows a least expensive cache to first cache data or return data requested b ...

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In a distributed computing architecture, a method and system for authenticating a message as originating from an unaltered or unmodified node is provided. Prior to sending a messages, a black box software module in a node validates the node to determine whether the node has been altered or modified ...

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An application program interface (API) provides a set of functions for application developers who build Web applications on Microsoft Corporation's .NET™ platform.