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A charge packet differencer is implemented in a charge coupled device in such a manner that a first charge packet may be subtracted from a second charge packet thus giving a resultant charge packet equal to the difference between the first and second charge packets. The charge coupled device differe ...

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An imager that is better suited for low-light detection capability. In accordance with a preferred embodiment, the imager may be easily configured to provide an imager having multi-resolution capability where SNR can be adjusted for optimum low-level detectibility. Multi-resolution signal processing ...

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An electromagnetic jaw clutch has interengageable teeth with gaps between them to facilitate engaging the clutch when there is some relative rotation between these teeth. The teeth are defined on one hub and on the armature. The second hub is plastic and a spring pulls the armature toward this secon ...

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A digital median filter is made using a successive approximation A/D converter circuit, which is arranged to produce an output based on majority weighting.

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Operation for global electronic shutter photodiode-type pixels. In a first mode of operation, lag is reduced through global reset of the photodiode array and fixed pattern noise is eliminated through comparison of the photosignal level and the reset level of the floating drain. In a second mode of o ...

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An active pixel sensor (APS) that includes circuitry to eliminate artifacts in digital images. The APS includes a comparator for comparing a signal level from a pixel to an adjusted saturation voltage to determine if the pixel is saturated. If the pixel is saturated, an associated saturation flag is ...

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A process for fabricating a detector array in a layer of semiconductor material on one substrate and an integrated readout circuit in a layer of semiconductor material on a separate substrate in order to select semiconductor material for optimum performance of each structure, such as GaAs for the de ...

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An image sensor chip is formed with the image sensor abutting up to three edges of the chip. Certain parts of the row logic which are required to be adjacent to each of the rows are placed into the array, in place of certain pixels of the array. Those missing pixels are then interpolated.

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An image sensor for capturing and producing an image includes a photoreceptor array that receives light and produces a signal for each pixel of the image. The image sensor further includes amplification circuitry that amplifies the signals. The amplification circuitry provides two distinct gains for ...

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An integrated CMOS semiconductor imaging device having two modes of operation that can be performed simultaneously to produce an output image and provide information of a brightest or darkest pixel in the image.