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A solid-state focal-plane imaging system comprises an N.times.N array of high gain, low-noise unit cells, each unit cell being connected to a different one of photovoltaic detector diodes, one for each unit cell, interspersed in the array for ultralow level image detection and a plurality of digital ...

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Circuit architecture of an x-y addressable image sensor, in particular to that of a Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) active pixel sensor (APS). A substrate having an area divided into a plurality of pixel areas arranged in a series of rows and columns, having at least one control area ...

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Designs and operational methods to increase the dynamic range of image sensors and APS devices in particular by achieving more than one integration times for each pixel thereof. An APS system with more than one column-parallel signal chains for readout are described for maintaining a high frame rate ...

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An automatically dimming mirror includes a dimming element having variable reflectivity, the degree of reflectivity based on a control signal. An ambient light sensor is positioned to receive light from a region generally in front of the vehicle. The ambient light sensor outputs a discrete ambient l ...

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An imaging device formed as a monolithic complementary metal oxide semiconductor Integrated circuit in an industry standard complementary metal oxide semiconductor process, the integrated circuit including a focal plane array of pixel cells, each one of the cells including a photogate overlying the ...

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Active pixel sensor with separated pixel areas, each sensing a different primary color, red, green or blue. Each of the colors is sensed using a different size color filter element to allow receiving an amount of light dependent on the responses of the image sensor to the specific color.

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Light sensors having a wide dynamic range are used in a variety of applications. A wide dynamic range light sensor includes an exposed photodiode light transducer accumulating charge in proportion to light incident over an integration period. Sensor logic determines a light integration period prior ...

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A CMOS image sensor die is fabricated and packaged to allow the light sensitive area of the die to be illuminated from either the front side or the backside, or both. The implementation is achieved using wafer level processing that facilitates photon collection at both surfaces. This approach permit ...

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The invention computes the optimum path across a terrain or topology represented by an array of parallel processor cells interconnected between neighboring cells by links extending along different directions to the neighboring cells. Such an array is preferably implemented as a high-speed integrated ...

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An image sensor operable to vary the output spatial resolution according to a received light level while maintaining a desired signal-to-noise ratio. Signals from neighboring pixels in a pixel patch with an adjustable size are added to increase both the image brightness and signal-to-noise ratio. On ...