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A micro-electromechanical bistable shutter display device is provided capable of being implemented for both small screen, high resolution devices and for large billboard-type displays. The micro-electromechanical shutter assembly has bi-stability characteristics which allow the use of only a holding ...

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A micro-machined movable light emitting assembly is formed on or from an undoped or pure III-V substrate or formed on or from a doped III-V substrate. The movable light emitting assemblies are to be actuated using force generators, to generate the various mechanical degrees of freedom depending on t ...

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A magnetically actuated ink jet printing device for use in an ink jet printer ejects ink droplets by deforming a diaphragm with the force generated on an electrode in a magnetic field when an electric current pulse is applied thereto. In one embodiment, the diaphragm of the device is provided by ani ...

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A pressure sensor is provided which can detect the presence, absence or magnitude of pressure, as well as a pressure profile. The pressure sensor includes a sensor membrane and a sensor device. The sensor membrane is flexible and may be constructed of a conductive material or may include a flexible ...

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A print head is disclosed for use in a marking apparatus in which a propellant stream is passed through a channel and directed toward a substrate. Marking material, such as ink, toner, etc., is controllably introduced into the propellant stream and imparted with sufficient kinetic energy thereby to ...

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A microelectromechanically tunable Fabry-Perot spectrophotometer is provided for color sensing. Optical fiber provides light input to a Fabry-Perot filter which is adjusted by a switched capacitor circuit. Spectral intensity is sensed by an integrated photodetector.

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A micro-machined movable microlens assembly is formed on undoped or pure a semiconductor substrate. The movable microlens assemblies are to be actuated using force generators which cause various mechanical degrees of freedom depending upon the type of stage suspension and actuation used.

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A device for effecting motion of liquid droplets on a surface through the use of electrostatic field force includes a single substrate on which are disposed a plurality of spaced-apart electrodes. A dielectric material surrounds the electrodes on the substrate. The surface on which the liquid drople ...

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Embodiments described herein may relate to an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) navigating to a medical situation in order to provide medical support. An illustrative method involves a UAV (a) determining an approximate target location associated with a medical situation, (b) using a first navigation pr ...

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A variable fluid flow valve is disclosed. The valve can be batch fabricated in two dimensional valve arrays, with all valves in the array being controlled in parallel to achieve high flow rates without increasing response time. Typically, each valve includes a valve housing having an aperture plate ...