Eric Mohr, Paul B Trevithick, Costas Kitsos, David E Hollingsworth, Stephanie L Houde, Jeffrey L Caruso: Apparatus, methods, programming for automatically laying out documents. Bitstream, Edward W Porter, November 30, 2004: US06826727 (341 worldwide citation)

A computerized system lays out document templates represented as a tree of text and shape elements, including variable elements. The user can define a shape element to have a maximize or minimize property in one or more dimensions. The layout makes the minimized dimensions of a shape as small as its ...

Jeffrey Golota, Eric Mohr, Daniel Anthony, Ammar Muhsen, Michael Vartanian: Dynamic lighting system. Fishman Stewart PLLC, February 13, 2018: US09894146

A dynamic lighting system may comprise a base node having a broadcast range, a plurality of lights being operatively associated with a set of basic nodes, and a network brain configured to communicate with the base node and store a node list with the unique identifiers for the set of basic nodes. Th ...

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