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A method and system for use in the course of extracorporeal blood flow, e.g., cardiopulmonary bypass, dialysis, and angioplasty procedures, in order to reduce or minimize inflammation, excessive bleeding, and other undesirable side effects. The system can include one or more automated blood paramete ...

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An arterial line blood filter for use in extracorporeal blood circuits during heart bypass surgery. The blood filter includes a housing having a cap portion, a base portion and a generally cylindrical wall portion. A filter element is disposed within the housing and divides the housing into an inlet ...

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A reservoir for use in an extracorporeal blood circuit including a rigid shell forming an enclosed reservoir. A filter unit divides the reservoir into an inlet chamber and outlet chamber. Cardiotomy blood filtering and defoaming means and venous blood filtering and defoaming means are located within ...

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A tubular guidewire assembly having a distal occlusive device and an extended crimpable section proximate a proximal end that is adapted to connect to a gas inflation/evacuation system. The extended crimpable section can be selectively sealed at one of a plurality of separate locations to form an ai ...

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A guidewire with collapsible filter system where a deployable, collapsible and retrievable filter attached to a guidewire tube is utilized for filtering thrombotic particulate from blood flow in the vascular system during thrombectomy or other interventional vascular procedures.

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A gas inflation/evacuation system and sealing system for use with occlusive devices such as occlusive balloons in vascular procedures. The gas inflation/evacuation system is removably connectible to a proximal portion of a guidewire assembly and includes an evacuation system to evacuate the guidewir ...

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A packaging system or storage arrangement that includes provision to indicate the presence of oxygen. An oxygen-sensitive material is placed inside a sealable container. Air is evacuated from the sealable container and the sealable container is sealed to isolate the oxygen-sensitive material from ox ...

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A heat exchanger is provided for use in extracorporeal blood oxygenation systems. The heat exchanger includes a housing, a core disposed within the housing, and a baffle disposed within the core. A blood passage chamber is defined by the outer surface of the core and the inner surface of the housing ...

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A guidewire occlusion system for use in vascular procedures includes a repeatably inflatable gas-filled occlusive device proximate a distal end of a tubular guidewire assembly having an extended sealable section proximate a proximal end. A gas inflation/evacuation system is removably connectable to ...

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The present invention pertains to a miniature flexible thrombectomy catheter having one or more flexible miniature noncollapsing tubular portions including pushable and torqueable structure for introduction into the smaller vessels in neurovascular regions. A jet body having an arcuate fluid jet ema ...