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The plasma torch comprises a hollow torch body whose interior is connected to a source of plasma-producing gas, a hollow electrode lodged inside this body and electrically connected to an electric supply conductor, and a nozzle provided with an orifice for the outlet of the plasma. The feature of th ...

Eric Dufour: Leak-proof venting system. Security Chimneys International, Robic, July 29, 1997: US05651732 (8 worldwide citation)

Flue sections and an airtight venting system being made therefrom by connecting in line the flue sections. The flue section has a pair of opposite ends of circular cross-section one of which called "male end" is shaped and sized to fit into the other end, called "female end" of a similar flue sectio ...

Michel Arnout, Eric Dufour, Roger Le Goff: Oxygen cutting method and nozzle. L Air Liquide, Lee C Robinson Jr, May 16, 1989: US04830681 (5 worldwide citation)

An oxygen cutting device comprising two cutting oxygen jets conducted through passageways with a passageway therebetween for a carburizing flame ensuring a reheating at depth of the rough-cut kerf which is effected by the first cutting oxygen jet and is finished by the second cutting oxygen jet.

Michel Arnout, Didier Lasnier, Eric Dufour: Cutting torch for iron and steel metallurgy. L Air Liquide Societe Anonyme pour l Etude et l Exploitation des Procedes Georges Claude, Curtis Morris & Safford, March 26, 1991: US05002261 (1 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns a cutting torch for iron and steel metallurgy which is provided with two oxygen cutting ducts, ending in two housings, for receiving two cutting inserts, or a heating nozzle and a cutting insert. In this manner, there is obtained a torch which may very rapidly be converted int ...

Eric Dufour: Fireplace firewood retainer assembly with air deflector, fireplace incorporating the same and method of reducing particulate emissions in a wood burning fireplace. Christie Parker & Hale, August 27, 2009: US20090211565-A1

A firewood retainer assembly and a fireplace incorporating the same are provided. The assembly includes a grate for supporting firewood at a level above a floor of a fireplace combustion chamber. The grate includes a first end opposite a second end such that a width of said grate is defined between ...