Emmanual Joseph Perrotti: Multipurpose submarine antenna. International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation, John T O Halloran, Alfred C Hill, June 14, 1977: US04030100 (23 worldwide citation)

An IFF antenna is disposed symmetrically about a vertical axis. A power divider and a pair of transmission lines are provided to symmetrically feed the IFF antenna. A GPS antenna is disposed coaxially of the vertical axis and above the IFF antenna. A gap is provided between the top of the IFF antenn ...

Emmanual Joseph Perrotti: Multipurpose, multifunction antenna. International Telephone and Telegraph, John T O Halloran, Alfred C Hill, September 26, 1978: US04117488 (4 worldwide citation)

A dual circularly polarized radiating and receiving arrangement is coupled to a dual circular polarizer which has coupled thereto a transmit port and a receive port. A circuit arrangement is coupled to both of the ports to enable radiation of a selected one of vertical linearly polarized waves, one ...

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