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A hybrid stepper motor having two alternately excited magnetic systems, one providing positions of 0.degree. and 180.degree., and the other positions of 90.degree. and 270.degree.. To minimize position offset due to unequal flux through the two air gaps of the unexcited system, a nonmagnetic space i ...

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An electric motor having a stator with a plurality of pole pieces which are disposed in angularly spaced intervals about the axis of rotation of a cooperating rotor. Each stator pole piece has one or more teeth thereon. Each tooth has an inner peripheral surface which lies on the circumference of a ...

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An immersion detection current interrupter circuit with an electric latch for use in small electrical appliances. A sensor wire is positioned within an appliance to sense current leakage when in contact with a conductive fluid. A relay or solenoid connected to the sensor is positioned between the lo ...

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A magnetically actuated indicator includes a housing carrying an elongated permanent magnet for pivotal motion about a geometric axis which extends transversely to the geometric axis of the magnet. First and second poles are carried by the housing and are disposed in spaced relationship to each othe ...

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A shock protection circuit utilizing an immersion detection current interrupter for use in small electrical appliances wherein the combination of a solenoid or a relay plus a sensor will cause an interruption of the power leads of a small appliance and the mechanical latching of the relay or solenoi ...

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The present invention provides a drive and control circuit for a single phase, brushless DC motor. The drive and control circuit includes an integrated circuit having a maximum rated voltage lower than the maximum net voltage of the overall circuit. Internal transistors in the integrated circuit are ...

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A gear train includes a plurality of gears mounted for cooperation. Two of the gears are provided with at least one projection from the side of the gear in a direction generally parallel to the axis thereof. In operation the projections on the gears interfere at a predetermined angular position to l ...