Ellman Irving A: Electrosurgical apparatus for dental use. May 1, 1973: US3730188 (55 worldwide citation)

Electrosurgical apparatus for dental use employing an electronic radio-frequency oscillator is described. The radio-frequency oscillator or R.F. generator is powered by an electronic power supply constructed to selectively deliver full-wave rectified voltage and current for excellent cutting with mi ...

Ellman Irving A: Tooth anchoring means and method. December 30, 1975: US3928915 (8 worldwide citation)

Means and methods for anchoring pins in a tooth for restorations are described. One feature is the use of a cyanoacrylate cement for cementing and sealing the pin in a hole drilled in the tooth. Another feature is a special pin construction to increase the adhesion strength. Still another feature is ...


Ellman Irving A: Pain-alleviating apparatus for dental drilling. July 17, 1973: US3745654 (4 worldwide citation)

Apparatus is described for reducing pain during dental drilling by introducing electric current into the tooth via the drilling bur. The apparatus takes advantage of the high intensity lamp present to illuminate the drilling area by providing on the handpiece a photo-responsive device for generating ...