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A system for receiving queries from data entry means at a plurality of remote stations and for sending replies from a central station having data storage and data processing means to the appropriate remote station to be displayed on a data presentation means such as a cathode ray tube. The queries a ...

Ellis George R: Photoelectric tabulating apparatus. Xerox Corporation, December 17, 1974: US3854566 (2 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for implementing the tabulating function on a typewriter or communications printer terminal. An opaque cylinder is provided which rotates in synchronism with the relative movement between the printing mechanism and the recording medium. The cylinder wall is perforated with a series of hole ...

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A data communication terminal including a storage device having a capacity of n characters. In the compose mode of operation wherein the input to the terminal is a random data source, such as from a keyboard, the input data stored in the storage device is automatically monitored to determine the num ...