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A touch sensing method and a touch sensing device are described for sensing a location of a touch. When the touch sensing device is touched, a first conductive layer disposed on a supporting layer is deflected toward a second conductive layer. The touch location is determined by sensing the change i ...

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A reflective polarizer suitable for use in a display device is disclosed herein. The reflective polarizer comprises: a multilayer optical film comprising alternating layers of first and second polymeric layers that reflects light of a first polarization state and transmits light of a second polariza ...

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An integrated optical coupler comprises a substrate with fiber-aligning grooves and waveguiding channels and a covering with complementary grooves and, optionally, channels. These couplers can be made from reproducible masters and electroplated molds made from those masters.

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An optical film includes a reflective polarizing element and a particle-containing layer. The reflective polarizing element substantially reflects light having a first polarization state and substantially transmits a second polarization state. The particle-containing layer is disposed on the reflect ...

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The present invention provides a switchable pressure activated electronic device. The switchable electronic device includes a composite material disposed between two conductors. The composite material electrically connects the two conductors when pressure is applied between them, and electrically is ...

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Acrylates having a high degree of halogenation, as well as polymers that include one or more mer units derived from such acrylates provide materials having tailorable optical and physical properties. The polymers find utility particularly in optical devices including optical waveguides and interconn ...

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A capacitive touch screen is described with a touch area including a substantially transparent conductive polymer. The capacitive touch screen also includes circuitry connecting the conductive polymer of the touch area to a power source, where the circuitry is configured to determine a location of a ...

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The present invention discloses resistive touch sensors that incorporate microstructured conductive layers. When local electrical contact is made between the microstructured conductive layer and an opposing conductive layer due to a touch input, the resulting signal can be used to determine the loca ...

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A fluorescent ionophoric compound is disclosed that includes a complexing moiety, such as a cryptand or crown-ether portion, and a fluorescing moiety such as a coumarin portion. The coumarin portion may be substituted at the 3-position with an electron withdrawing or polarizable group such as a subs ...

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Optical devices using reflective polarizers and, in particular, diffusely reflective polarizers are provided. Many of the optical devices utilize the diffusely reflecting and specularly transmitting properties of diffusely reflecting polarizers to enhance their optical characteristics. The optical d ...