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A presentation control system and method to facilitate the interaction between a user and a presentation device. The user generates tangible sensible identification devices, which are linked to items to be displayed in a presentation. In use, the user places the tangible sensible identification-carr ...

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A tactile guidance system and method provides a user with navigational assistance through continuous background communication. This continuous background communication is realized through tactile cueing. By making the direction giving through tactile cues, a user's main attention can focus on v ...

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A computer-controlled graphics display system using object-based representations of the displayed objects, and cooperating with a user-operated motion-sensitive input device. A powerful user interface technique called "wiping" is described. This allows selection by the user of target objects to be a ...

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In a presentation control system environment, the methods and systems of this invention manipulate presentation elements to create a unified display characteristic between the elements selected for presentation. In particular, the systems and methods of this invention receive style identification in ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method for managing dynamic context information to a user.SOLUTION: This method comprises a step for storing the correspondence of at least one activity stream to at least one expression element, a step for synthesizing the value of the human sensible attribute of ...

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Aspects of the invention pertain to user interface visualizations, enabling efficient display of content on a display device. At least some content is presented having diagonal views to emphasize certain portions of the content while deemphasizing other portions of the content.

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A system that can identify, create, update and/or process a workflow based upon a current, past or future activity is disclosed. A ‘workflow’ can be defined as an activity flow that includes interaction with, or assignment of work to, people, devices, or services by a single individual or a group of ...

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A system for creating an activity-based social includes receiving information from a computing device of a participant in an activity, and determining that the information qualifies the participant for membership in a social network associated with the activity. The system also includes associating ...

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