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Enhanced visibility of icons and other types of menu items is provided by increasing size and or skew or both of one or more icons or menu items in a generally inverse relation to proximity of a cursor image address to particular icons or menu items. Increase of size enhances user recognition of an ...

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A graphical user interface includes a plurality of pie menu levels concentrically arranged. Located within the center most section are menu selections generally of greater importance, highest probability of use, historical favorites, category headings, tabs from a tab menu, as well as other high lev ...

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A method, apparatus, and article of manufacture for managing information through the use of physical objects. An Informative Thing that is a physical object stores a pointer thereon, and the pointer is used to retrieve information associated with the Informative Thing from a network-based system. Th ...

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A hand held control device formed as a rigid body adapted to be gripped and carried by a single hand of a user and comprising a plurality of control elements operable by the thumb or a finger of the user's hand gripping and carrying the body, a pointing stick and a chirality detector for sensing whe ...

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An interactive display system including: a first display; a movable display device having a second display which is substantially smaller than the first display, an input device for inputting information, and a position sensor for providing position information of the movable display device relative ...

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An improved mouse includes a stylus and a base. Transducers in the stylus detect motion of the mouse relative to a surface. In this way, the stylus can be used as a pen-shape mouse or inserted into the base, which can then be operated as a more conventional mouse.

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A sensor device is placed either underneath a key cap of a key on a keyboard or in between two keys on a keyboard so that cursor movement may be carried out from the keyboard itself. If the sensor device is placed underneath a key cap, then the key cap is a manual cursor controller. If, on the other ...

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A strain sensitive columnar transducer for a data entry keyboard contains a column upstanding from the keyboard. Strain sensitive orthogonally oriented patterns are formed on a single flexible planar sheet which is sliced to place each of the patterns on a separate tab. The planar sheet is forced ov ...

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Input force applied on a pointing device (51) having outputs (x,y) is related to the velocity of a cursor on a video screen according to a transfer function (FIG. 2) substantially described by a parabolic sigmoid function, thus resulting in adapting the force/velocity relationship to accommodate hum ...

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A pre-connected pointing device assembly retrofitable onto the keyboard of an existing computer system includes an analog input unit and a digital input unit physically and electrically interconnected to a data processing unit by flexible bands. The units and flexible bands are adhesively secured to ...