Edward R Wells, Thomas A Hensler: Wet-microcontracted paper and concomitant process. The Procter & Gamble Company, Thomas J Slone, Fredrick H Braun, Richard C Witte, April 3, 1984: US04440597 (287 worldwide citation)

High bulk, absorbent paper having a relatively high MD elongation at rupture, and a substantially greater stress/strain modulus in the lowest one-third of its range of MD extensibility--preferably when wet--than equally machine-direction-stretchable, purely dry-foreshortened (e.g., dry-creped) paper ...

Donald R Kearney, Paul D Trokhan, Edward R Wells: Method of making ply-separable paper. The Procter & Gamble Company, Fredrick H Braun, Richard C Witte, Thomas H O Flaherty, September 30, 1980: US04225382 (115 worldwide citation)

An improved process to produce a novel tissue which becomes ply-separable during the papermaking process. In a first embodiment of the invention a two-layered stratified web is formed, having a first layer comprised of a relatively low consistency slurry of long papermaking fibers and a second layer ...

Edward R Wells: Floating boat storage dry dock. Malin & Haley, July 28, 1981: US04280429 (11 worldwide citation)

A floating dry dock for a boat comprising a tubular, boat-supporting platform made from a planar array of interconnected PVC conduit (or similar material) and a pair of vertical, buoyant, tubular side walls connected to the platform. The dock includes an atmosphere venting system with its outlet abo ...