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Disclosed herein is an isosorbide-based polycarbonate polymer comprising: an isosorbide unit, an aliphatic unit derived from a C14-44 aliphatic diacid, C14-44 aliphatic diol, or combination of these; and a polysiloxane block.

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Multilayer articles comprising a coating layer comprising resorcinol arylate chain members bound to a support substrate via an optional intermediate tie layer. Adhesion between the layers of the multilayer article is enhanced by modifying at least a part of a surface of at least one of the layers in ...

Reema Sinha, Sangita Nandi, Susanta Mitra, Radha Kamalakaran, Edward Kung, Dwairath Dhar, Gurram Kishan: Compositions having reduced frictional coefficient, method of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same. Sabic Innovative Plastics, December 20, 2012: US20120322703-A1

Disclosed herein is a composition comprising an organic polymer and about 2 to about 10 weight percent of an ionic liquid. The ionic liquid can be a halogenated or non-halogenated ionic liquid. Disclosed herein too are articles manufactured from the composition.