Edward K Hamar, Gordon E Blakeman: Portable sectional flooring system. Horner Flooring Company, Banner Birch McKie & Beckett, September 3, 1985: US04538392 (91 worldwide citation)

Portable sectionalized flooring suitable for a basketball court or the like is assembled from a plurality of separate floor sections arranged in rows with each section composed of interengaged tongue and groove strips defining the floor surface, spaced stringers extending transversely of such strips ...

Douglas J Hamar, Gopal Jayaraman, Richard Granroth, Robert L Whipple, Harold A Evenson, Edward K Hamar: Portable sectional flooring system with post support. Portage Holding, Banner Birch McKie & Beckett, June 16, 1992: US05121579 (16 worldwide citation)

A floor section assembly having a post anchor built into one of the floor panels for use with portable sectionalized flooring suitable for a volleyball court or the like is disclosed. The post anchor includes a base assembly attached to the undersurface of one of the panels and is coupled to a plura ...

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