Edward J Dowgiallo Jr: Method for determining battery state of charge by measuring A.C. electrical phase angle change. The United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Army, Nathan Edelberg, October 5, 1976: US03984762 (154 worldwide citation)

Several embodiments for determining the state of charge of a cell or battery are disclosed. In accordance with one method of this invention, an A.C. voltage is applied to a cell or battery through a shunt. The phase angle between the A.C. voltage across the battery terminals and the A.C. current thr ...

Edward J Dowgiallo Jr: High performance capacitor with high dielectric constant material. R & R Law, Paul L Ratcliffe Esq, September 23, 2008: US07428137 (17 worldwide citation)

A multilayered high performance capacitor formed of two or more conductors with a dielectric layer and one or more a dielectric-conductor interface layer sandwiched in between the conductors. The capacitor may be fabricated using many thin layers, at the nano level, providing a nanocapacitor. The ca ...