Edward H Adelson: Digital signal encoding and decoding apparatus. General Electric Company, Joseph S Tripoli, Peter M Emanuel, Thomas F Lenihan, July 3, 1990: US04939515 (276 worldwide citation)

Digital data is conveyed along with the analog signal by selectively quantizing the analog signal in response to the level of each of the digital bits to be sent. By determining which quantization function was used, a decoder may recover the embedded digital data.

John Y A Wang, Edward H Adelson: System for encoding image data into multiple layers representing regions of coherent motion and associated motion parameters. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cesari and McKenna, September 17, 1996: US05557684 (195 worldwide citation)

A system stores images as a series of layers by determining (i) the boundaries of regions of coherent motion over the entire image, or frame, sequence; and (ii) associated motion parameters, or coefficients of motion equations, that describe the transformations of the regions from frame to frame. Th ...

Edward H Adelson: Optical ranging apparatus. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Hamilton Brook Smith & Reynolds, December 31, 1991: US05076687 (165 worldwide citation)

An optical ranging apparatus is provided which resolves the depth of objects in an object field of a main lens. Light is directed by the main lens to a lenticular array consisting of an array of lenticules each of which generates an image of the lens surface. Each of the generated images is directed ...

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A television encoder for generating a receiver-compatible signal from a production video signal containing enhancement information which cannot be displayed on a standard receiver, the receiver-compatible signal being compatible with the standard receiver, the encoder including a filter bank for div ...

Edward H Adelson: Depth-of-focus imaging process method. RCA Corporation, Joseph S Tripoli, George J Seligsohn, April 28, 1987: US04661986 (132 worldwide citation)

An improved-focus 2-D image is derived from an assemblage of M separately focused 2-D images of the same 3-D scene by (1) employing the Burt Pyramid image analyzing technique to separately analyze each of the M separately focused images into N similar sets of pixel samples, (2) selecting, on a pixel ...

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A technique is provided to remove noise from images and to enhance their visual appearance through the utilization of a technique which converts an image into a set of coefficients in a multi-scale image decomposition process, followed by modification of each coefficient based on its value and the v ...

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Image data is analyzed in a number of iterated analysis procedures, using two-dimensional quadrature mirror filters to separate low-pass spatial filter response component and three differently oriented high-pass spatial filter response components, which filter response components are decimated in bo ...

Curtis R Carlson, Edward H Adelson, Charles H Anderson: System for coring an image-representing signal. RCA Corporation, Joseph S Tripoli, George E Haas, George J Seligsohn, June 11, 1985: US04523230 (66 worldwide citation)

Noise reduction is achieved, without the introduction of noticeable artifacts in the displayed image, using (1) a non-ringing, non-aliasing, localized transfer, octave-band spectrum analyzer for separating the video signal representing the image into subspectra signals, (2) separate coring means for ...

Edward H Adelson: Layered representation for image coding. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Wolf Greenfield & Sacks P C, January 6, 1998: US05706417 (61 worldwide citation)

A moving image representation format and encoding and decoding techniques. In the format, the image is represented as a series of layers, each layer comprising one or more maps containing information about the image. In decoding the information, the maps are combined in an order dictated by their or ...

Bernd Girod, Edward H Adelson: System for ascertaining direction of blur in a range-from-defocus camera. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Robert K Tendler, October 23, 1990: US04965442 (30 worldwide citation)

A range camera is provided for the determination of range to an object through the utilization of a system which projects a limited depth of field light pattern onto an object and measures the blurring of the pattern on the object. In one embodiment an anisotropic aperture or astigmatic optics are u ...