Michael Bauer, Peter Strobel, Gerald Ofner, Edward Fürgut, Simon Jerebic, Thomas Bemmerl, Markus Fink, Hermann Vilsmeier: Electronic component and semiconductor wafer, and method for producing the same. Infineon Technologies, Dicke Billig Czaja PLLC, September 2, 2008: US07420262 (20 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to an electronic component and a semiconductor wafer, and a method for producing them. The semiconductor wafer has strip-type separating regions. The separating regions are provided with through contacts in the direction of the rear side of the semiconductor wafer. The semicond ...

Edward Fürgut, Joachim Mahler, Michael Bauer: Semiconductor device including electronic component coupled to a backside of a chip. Infineon Technologies, Dicke Billig & Czaja PLLC, January 8, 2013: US08350382 (9 worldwide citation)

A semiconductor package includes a substrate, at least one chip including a first side and a backside opposite of the first side, the first side electrically coupled to the substrate, a conductive layer coupled to the backside of the at least one chip, and at least one electronic component coupled t ...

Manfred Mengel, Edward Fürgut, Ralf Otremba, Jürgen Högerl: Electronic component with electronic chip between redistribution structure and mounting structure. Infineon Technologies Austria, July 5, 2016: US09385111

An electronic component which comprises an electrically conductive mounting structure, an electronic chip on the mounting structure, an electrically conductive redistribution structure on the electronic chip, and a periphery connection structure electrically coupled to the redistribution structure a ...

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