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Improved pharmaceutical salts of amlodipine, particularly the besylate salt, and pharmaceutical compositions thereof. These salts find utility as anti-ischaemic and anti-hypertensive agents.

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A method is presented for diagnosing an engine coolant temperature sensor and an engine thermostat. Engine coolant temperature is estimated based on engine operating conditions, such as engine speed, net engine torque, air flow, fuel-air ratio, exhaust gas temperature, etc., and a characteristic of ...

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A method is presented for determining whether a fuel sensor in a vehicle having a fuel tank, a fuel delivery system, electronic engine controller, air flow and air/fuel ratio sensors and an instrument panel is stuck in-range. First, the electronic engine controller from the information provided by t ...

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The present invention related generally to a method for determining spark plug malfunction and more particularly to a method for determining spark plug malfunction in an internal combustion engine in which at least two spark plugs are disposed in each cylinder. In a dual plug configuration, a spark ...



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A parenteral formulation for 25-cyclohexyl-avermectin Bl, compound (I), which is effective against both internal and external parasites, is well tolerated by animals on both subcutaneous and intramuscular administration and is compatible with conventional injection equipment. ##STR1## The solution c ...


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786,511. Valve-actuating mechanism. AUDLEY ENGINEERING CO., Ltd. Jan. 17, 1956 [Jan. 27, 1955], No. 2454/55. Class 135. Valve-actuating mechanism comprises a pair of relatively slidable and angularly movable lever parts a, b which can be locked together to form a simple lever or can be unlocked so t ...

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The invention is a strategy to detect spark plug misfires in a multiple spark plug per cylinder internal combustion engine (ICE). The present invention monitors spark plug misfires for each plug within each cylinder and initiates diagnostic fault code setting and failure mode actions such as modifyi ...